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Renewable Is In

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Renewable Is In

Searching for “greener” products can be challenging, at times. So, here’s an assist: CORK! This product is derived from the bark of a specific Oak tree, Quercus suber. Every few years, the bark grows back, making this a very renewable resource. Cork’s waxy substance allows it to be hypoallergenic and antimicrobial – who doesn’t appreciate that?!

Thanks to the millions of tiny air pockets in cork, this material is a good acoustic and thermal insulator. Additionally, it has the ability to rebound back into its original shape over time, and is soft. Soft?! This isn’t always ideal for floors, but when it’s installed in kids’ playrooms or elderly residential spaces, you can feel better knowing those loved ones are a little safer with that cushion beneath their feet.

Like all flooring, there are limitations. Cork is susceptible to moisture and, therefore, can warp. Also, since it is soft, sharp objects can punctuate the cork relatively easily. Still, cork flooring is a great option for comfort, warmth, and cleanliness in many rooms of your home!


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