Game: Word Association for Design Styles!

| | Game: Word Association for Design Styles!

Game: Word Association for Design Styles!

During a word association game or session, one is given a word and immediately connects other words to it.  It helps gives insight into a person’s true perspective or view of the given word.  Since I love design, I thought it might be fun to do a word association game with design styles.

For this word association, I was read a design style and instructed to say the first things that came to my mind.  I did not have access to the list beforehand, so I was not given time to think.  Try it yourself, before reading my results, and compare!

Design Styles

  1. Industrial
  2. Farmhouse
  3. Mid-Century Modern
  4. Minimalist
  5. Victorian
  6. Vintage
  7. Gothic

Exposed brick, pendant lights, metal

Joanna Gaines, Magnolia

Mid-Century Modern
90 degree angles, large windows, clean lines, with touches of nature

Necessities, no clutter, simplicity, serenity, white or neutral colors, with a small color pop featured in design pieces

Maroon, the board game Clue, the Addams Family, turrets (towers), patterned wallpaper, and stained glass

Distressed, re-purposed pieces, antiques, and flea market finds

Black, burgundy, red, gold, Dracula, chandeliers, stone, and candlesticks

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